Welcome to Macfarlane Rural Business - MRB

Macfarlane Rural Business (MRB) is a farm advisory company based out of Ashburton in Mid Canterbury, New Zealand.

What do MRB offer?

Our independent farm consultants offer multi disciplinary advice to the agricultural sector including:

  • all the main farming systems - sheep & beef, mixed cropping/arable, dairy, deer
  • farm development including irrigation & stock water design
  • financial planning
  • farm accounts analysis
  • strategic advice
  • rural valuation
  • succession planning
  • farm supervision
  • discussion group facilitation
  • arbitration and mediation

We also offer a farm accounts administration service.

What is our company philosophy?

We are strong believers in the management skill of integrating many disciplines into a farming system.

Rural businesses of tomorrow cannot be solely focused on food and energy production. They must also be focused on environmental issues, resource use, social issues including public relations, risk management, marketing and business development.

What is our company objective?

Our objective is to assist our clients manage their business growth by utilising our experience, knowledge, vision and network to package advice to match personal objectives.Our challenge is to become the most credible group of farm management consultants in New Zealand.

We believe agriculture faces its most exciting period in several generations. Our excitement is tempered with the need for good risk management in a more volatile world. We enjoy working with the farming families and businesses who will take agriculture forward as the powerhouse of the New Zealand economy.